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Monthly Creative Meetings

During our monthly meetings here at Fox Creative Publishing we not only enjoy each other’s company but the coming together of creative minds provides a collaboration of all kinds of interesting articles. From Terrariums to Hypnotherapy as an alternative treatment, we covered three different publications in just a few hours.

Pictured form Left to Right: Cover Writer Patricia Danflous, Creative Director Jennifer Caballero, Editor Liz McGehee, Executive Publisher Suzanne Fox, Art Director Dianne Waller, Nutrition Writer Anja Springthorpe, Kids and Family writer Michele Robert Poche.

Native Advertising Tips

Native advertising is a great way to deliver a brand’s message while providing consumers with high-quality, informative content. The practice is becoming more prevalent in publications like the New York Times and Forbes.

The good news for advertisers is that most consumers cannot distinguish native advertising from editorial content. A new study published in the December 2015 issue of the Journal of Advertising concluded that only 17 out of 242 subjects – less than 8 percent – could distinguish between editorial content and native advertising. Additionally, Copyblogger’s 2014 State of Native Advertising Report shows that more than 60 percent of consumers do not view native advertising as misleading.

Here are a few tips on how to create successful native advertisements.

Create Quality Content
Audiences will read great content regardless of who writes it. By crafting high-quality, relevant content that is targeted to your audience, you will draw in readers and create success for your advertisers. High-quality native advertisements increase consumers’ level of trust for a sponsoring brand, according to a Contently survey.

Know Your Audience
In addition to having good content, you should develop content that blends seamlessly with the publication’s editorial style and tone. Research what kind of content is typically published in the publication, then craft native advertisements in an authentic voice that communicates your advertisers’ messages.

Increase Brand Engagement
The purpose of native ads is to increase engagement. The best way to optimize brand engagement in native advertisements is by generating informative, high-quality content that is strategically targeted to your audience. Consumers are more willing to engage with native advertising if it closely resembles the content they usually read.


Interested in including native advertisements in your next issue of one of our magazines? We can help! We will review what you have and help you improve it to better reach your target audience.

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5 Things We Learned While Designing a Publication for Seniors

When crafting Active Living magazine, a publication designed for a 55-and-over audience, we were acutely aware that the way we presented content was just as important as the content itself. Some of these items are best practices no matter the audience, but when engaging older adults with print, we found the following items to be absolutely crucial:

1. There’s a New Serif In Town
Active Living Magazine, the premiere magazine for mature adults with a focus on family, health, wellness, and longevity.To increase readability in the body text, we selected a serif font and increased the size to 12 points (up from the average 10 point font in our other publications).

2. Please Remove Caps
Title case is easier to read than all caps due to shape contrast. When reading, we primarily process the shapes of words, but all caps forces the reader to slow down and recognize every letter individually.

3. We Needed Space
We carefully increased the leading in our body text to make our typeface as readable as possible.

4. You’re Only as Old as You Feel
People don’t view themselves as being as old as they are. We found that our target audience better relates to images of people that are slightly chronologically younger.

5. Everything In Its Place
We enhanced the contrast in our text by minimizing its placement over screened photos and other graphic elements.

Active Living is dedicated to entertaining and informing the most loyal reader base you have… a print-native generation that has more purchasing power than any other. With Active Living, you have the perfect platform to market local businesses and the ability to offer local content that will appeal to this growing demographic.

Active Living won’t burden your editorial or design staff. It’s a non-intrusive way for you to grow your audience and increase your ad revenue, whether it’s inserted in your newspaper or racked at your local newsstands!

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