Print Combined with Digital takes Advertising from Great to Awesome.

Savvy business owners know that combining both print and digital advertising campaigns

produces higher customer conversions.

Print is in the moment.

Print ads, unlike digital, capture the reader’s full attention for as long as the reader wishes to be engaged.

Digital reaches consumers where they are.

Consumers are connected. The average daily time

spent with digital media in the US is over eight hours.

Print is impactful.

A beautifully crafted print ad in a glossy publication is part of the readers’ experience. It exudes trust, quality, value and print is proven to be the most trusted of all


Digital is responsive.

Reach your audience on the go and maximize engagement by making your ads clickable for immediate conversions.

Print gets attention.

Print ads activate different parts of the brain and viewing them involves emotional processing, important for memory and brand association. This makes it easier to recall the print ad’s message.

Digital is nimble.

Market conditions and trends change quickly. Digital lead times are short, ads can be modified while they’re running. You save time and money when your budget isn’t locked into a design or campaign.

Print is personal.

Putting a print ad, brochure or catalog into the hands of a prospect is tactile interaction. Print may lead the prospect to interact with a website.

Digital is targeted and measurable.

Digital can place your brand and content in front of your specific consumers at every stage of the buying cycle with metrics built in. You can track opens, clicks and demographics. You can attribute the source and frequency of your foot traffic to your digital campaigns.