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We’ve just added a new section to the Fox Print and Creative Publishing website! By clicking here, you can see how different publishers utilize the flexibility of our pre-designed magazines, even to go so far as combining multiple titles into one publication! Take Lebanon, Missouri for example… they’ve combined Active Living and Inspire Health into a flip-flop magazine! Here’s how it looks in print (and here’s a non-flipped version of the same issue for readability on the web).

From introducing local content to changing the cover design, we’re always impressed with the ways our publishing partners use our magazine platform to truly represent their communities, and we’re extremely happy to help these same publishers fortify their profits and tailor them to the audiences they know best.

The interactive map is going to be changing drastically over time, as our flexibility not only covers design and content, but publishing schedules as well. We appreciate our publishers, and do our very best to ensure that they have everything they need to fill up every inch of ad space (no matter the page count) and keep their revenue streams strong and consistent! If you’re not already publishing with Fox, give us a ring at 877.329.0571 or email us at info@igofox.com!

Monthly Creative Meetings

During our monthly meetings here at Fox Creative Publishing we not only enjoy each other’s company but the coming together of creative minds provides a collaboration of all kinds of interesting articles. From Terrariums to Hypnotherapy as an alternative treatment, we covered three different publications in just a few hours.

Pictured form Left to Right: Cover Writer Patricia Danflous, Creative Director Jennifer Caballero, Editor Liz McGehee, Executive Publisher Suzanne Fox, Art Director Dianne Waller, Nutrition Writer Anja Springthorpe, Kids and Family writer Michele Robert Poche.

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Forever Bridal – The Definitive Bridal Resource

Hometown Moments & Memories – The Perfect Magazine for the Holiday Season

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An Open Letter to Newspaper CEOs, Publishers and Ad Directors

Newspapers all over the country, both large and small, are discovering how Fox’s custom print and digital products dramatically increase readership, advertisers and profits.

Adding our special interest titles to a newspaper’s publishing mix will grow the profits of even the smallest circulation paper by $8000 to $12000 per year.

Larger papers have even greater increases.

Using this proven system, some of our newspaper partners have recorded as many as 50 consecutive months of profitable performance.

Learn how working with us will expand your business and grow your profits month by month.

Don’t delay another minute. Contact us today.

Greg Fox
Fox Print Services

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One Particular Pulitzer Prize Winner

While looking through the 2017 Pulitzer Prize winners, we were especially heartened to see that the winner for “Distinguished Editorial Writing” went to a gentleman named Art Cullen… now, we don’t know Art personally, but we do know his paper has a circulation of 3,000.


The local newspaper for many (if not most smaller communities) is a window to the entire world. Seeing this award bestowed upon a person pushing journalism in his town of Storm Lake, IA (population 10,000) is absolutely amazing.

While we obviously commend every winner on the list, it’s great to see a writer of a publication similar to many of the ones we work with receive such a high honor. Brilliant and inspirational.

Thank you, newspapers.

A Thank You to Impact Newspapers

We walked into the office today and were greeted by some fantastic words from our publishing partner Kevin Williamson of Impact Newspapers (http://www.impact601.com)… our sales team member Pam received this and we had to share:

“IMPACT has been in business since 1976, and we’ve had great relationships with hundreds of local advertisers, in addition to mailing circulars for dozens of regional/national advertisers like Walmart, Lowe’s, Walgreen’s, CVS, Fred’s and others. Over the past few years as social media has altered the advertising landscape, we started looking for new ways to keep our local print revenue. We discovered that many advertisers were attracted to glossy print publications, so we produced a number of those in-house with limited success. Late in 2016, we made the decision to partner with Fox Print Services and publish Inspire Health Magazine, which is just one of their magazine products. The magazine is a quality piece, and our readers and advertisers really enjoy it. The Fox Print Services crew has been great to work with, and we at IMPACT are excited about generating new print revenue with this partnership. If you are looking for a new idea to increase revenue, and we all are, it could be beneficial for you to give Fox Print Services a little bit of your time to learn about what they offer.”

Looking for ways to better reach and expand your audience and advertisers? It’s our business to help you do just that. Give us a call at 877.329.0571 or contact us here:

No other company offers the plethora of tools catering to newspapers (of all circulation sizes) that we do.