Custom Print

Today, content is king. There is no better way to build your brand than with interesting, meaningful content delivered in your own custom produced magazine or newsletter.

Our creative team works with you to create a custom publication designed especially for your organization. You experience a painless production process with dedicated editorial and design staff responsive to your brand’s special needs. Your production is on time and budget and you experience the unmatched boost it gives your organization through audience and subject focus.

Your custom publication tells your story

For Your College or University

Connect. Promote. Attract. Retain. Connect with parents, high schoolers and adult learners; with influential employers and community leaders and with your current students using our Programs of Study card program, a custom magazine designed, written and distributed just for your college and our digital advertising campaigns designed to build enrollments. Click to read the case study.

For your Health and Fitness Club

Grow your club with new members using our proven membership development programs. Retain members through our unique retention techniques. Show your club to the world with your custom designed magazine distributed to your community. Click to read the case study.

For your Healthcare Practice

Switch your healthcare marketing to a combination of print and digital to make your practice soar. We produce a custom newsletter, filled with healthcare tips and news of your practice. We mail the newsletter to your patients and to a selected group of prospective patients. We build a digital marketing campaign, served to the same group, that is tied directly to your print newsletter. This combination lights up your practice like no other program can do. Click here to read the case study.

For your Publishing Business

Publish our recipe calendar with delicious, healthy food choices featured on every page. Or choose our business spotlight calendar that highlights business customers in your community. These are solid revenue producers, fully designed now and ready to start earning profits for you. Order samples and start the ball rolling. Click here to read the case study.

Fox handles the entire process

  • Content consultation
  • Editorial design
  • Graphic design
  • In-house printing and mailing
  • Posting an electronic edition to your website

Your publication can pay for itself

By selling advertising to your industry partners or members.  We can produce media kits and rate cards that will present the opportunity your publication presents to advertisers.