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Excellent service from start to finish. Superior quality. Incredibly fast turnaround. Profitable for publishers serving communities of every size.
…but don’t just take our word for it.

“You did it again! Last week’s four day sale was a huge success, and I give much of the credit for that success to the Fox Print Direct team. Rock Acosta is a pleasure to do business with. Your Saturation Mailers bring together all the details that go into creating a great event.”
-Randy Sears – General Manager, Beck Auto Group

“The Sales Event Marketing event was the best sale Allen Toyota has ever had. The customer response was so astonishing that even though they were fully staffed, they still didn’t have enough sales people. It was such a prosperous event that Allen Toyota finished number one in the state for the month. This surely won’t be Allen Toyota’s last Sales Event Marketing event.”
-Allen Toyota, Biloxi, MS

“I’m very impressed with what your team is doing. Just outstanding work.”
-William P. Childs, The Morning Call, Allentown, PA

“…and thank you for all your assistance. We are getting a great response from our readers.”
-Jim Ward, Marshall Tribune, Lewisburg, TN

“The magazine came out FABULOUS! We all love it!”
-Michelle Gallo, The Daily Star, Hammond, LA

“IMPACT has been in business since 1976, and we’ve had great relationships with hundreds of local advertisers, in addition to mailing circulars for dozens of regional/national advertisers like Walmart, Lowe’s, Walgreen’s, CVS, Fred’s and others. Over the past few years as social media has altered the advertising landscape, we started looking for new ways to keep our local print revenue. We discovered that many advertisers were attracted to glossy print publications, so we produced a number of those in-house with limited success. Late in 2016, we made the decision to partner with Fox Print Services and publish Inspire Health Magazine, which is just one of their magazine products. The magazine is a quality piece, and our readers and advertisers really enjoy it. The Fox Print Services crew has been great to work with, and we at IMPACT are excited about generating new print revenue with this partnership. If you are looking for a new idea to increase revenue, and we all are, it could be beneficial for you to give Fox Print Services a little bit of your time to learn about what they offer.”
-Kevin Williamson, Impact Newspapers, Hattiesburg and laurel, MS“Fox Print Services has consistently provided the best rates and top quality printing on projects that have assisted in driving revenue for newspapers I have operated. I have ordered posters, pony tabs and full gloss magazines from Fox Print Services, and each time have been pleased with their performance and interaction with Vivian. The approach of Fox Print Services is to partner their printing capabilities with projects that will allow newspapers to grow revenue. I look forward to growing our relationship with Fox Print Services and Melissa in the Colorado market.”
-Brian Porter, Publisher and GM, Brush News-Tribune & Akron Reporter-News

Thank you so much for your help in making this first issue a success! I told Gary I’d rather work with you guys than with the other company we used at Warrick Publishing because you go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. You guys are truly a pleasure to work with!
-Emily May, Editor, Boonville View