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See How Others are Publishing!

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We’ve just added a new section to the Fox Print and Creative Publishing website! By clicking here, you can see how different publishers utilize the flexibility of our pre-designed magazines, even to go so far as combining multiple titles into one publication! Take Lebanon, Missouri for example… they’ve combined Active Living and Inspire Health into a flip-flop magazine! Here’s how it looks in print (and here’s a non-flipped version of the same issue for readability on the web).

From introducing local content to changing the cover design, we’re always impressed with the ways our publishing partners use our magazine platform to truly represent their communities, and we’re extremely happy to help these same publishers fortify their profits and tailor them to the audiences they know best.

The interactive map is going to be changing drastically over time, as our flexibility not only covers design and content, but publishing schedules as well. We appreciate our publishers, and do our very best to ensure that they have everything they need to fill up every inch of ad space (no matter the page count) and keep their revenue streams strong and consistent! If you’re not already publishing with Fox, give us a ring at 877.329.0571 or email us at info@igofox.com!

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