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Print Meets Digital Meets Print (and Repeat)

Having a printed publication, a digital counterpart, and a social media presence can allow you to create an ecosystem to ensure that your content is shared throughout your local community and beyond.

In a recently published article by one of our partners about the benefits of honey, we ended the piece by imploring people to visit and support their local beekeeper. The sentiments in that article were further expressed when an actual beekeeper took photos of the hard copy, letting others know that it was an article worth checking out:


As you can tell below, the original post was placed on Facebook and Instagram, catching the attention of several readers in the same area:


It’s obviously crucial that the article is available online, but the fact that a digital platform is being used to point people towards an article in its printed form cannot be ignored. The hard copy, the digital version of the article, and the social media presence (capable of sharing both) all compliment each other.

With Fox Print Service’s Digital Feeds, we can enhance your current website with regularly updated content, and you can use this in conjunction with your publication’s social media presence to organically grow your readership, all while serving ads and fortifying your own brand to the communities that you serve. It’s truly a win-win for your audience, advertisers, and your publication.

To learn more about how we can help you establish (or enhance) this type of information ecosystem for your company, be sure to contact your local Fox sales representative here, or call us now at 877.329.0571.

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