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Newspapers must embrace new methods to build stronger, more diversified brands. Our pre-designed and custom magazines are an economical and elegant means to appeal to high-value readers and advertisers, expand your publishing portfolio and immediately increase your revenue.

Each publication is customizable to your local market, with optional local content, a community resource directory and a local calendar.

Free sales collateral includes mock- ups, ad sales kits, a companion website, and a digital flipbook.

Why Pre-Designed Magazines?


– Expand your publishing portfolio with no strain on your current editorial and production budgets.

– Appeal to high-value readers and advertisers, expand publishing portfolios and immediately increase your revenue.

– Printed on white, glossy paper in full brilliant color with modern design and editorial content. All editorial, graphic design, final layout and print production are completed by Fox Print Services.

– Because the publisher pays one price for the package, costs are fixed prior to beginning each project and 70% to 80% ROI can be achieved.

– Each publication is customizable to fit your market.

– Ad spaces are available in 3 sizes: Full, half and quarter page. There is also an optional “Community Resource Directory” with 12 mini ad spaces. There is an optional Local Calendar to give each publication an even greater local flavor.

– The publisher simply sells advertising and handles distribution.

Sales tools

  • Advertiser Sales Kits withresponsive personalized rate cards, closing dates, editorial calendars and contact info.
  • Mock-ups with in-position designated ad spaces so that advertisers can easily and quickly make purchasing decisions.
  • Companion Websites that are full service, compatible and contain all editorial content from the print product.
  • Social Media and SEO Our team regularly posts on Facebook and Twitter to encourage readers to interact with the publication and visit the core website. Our SEO specialists take time to analyze the site and identify ways to help it get seen by search engines and achieve good rankings.
  • Digital Replica “Flip Book” with Links The digital replica edition of each print product is supplied as a flip book within the companion website. The digital replica presents all content consistent with the print edition while enabling publishers and advertisers to include additional rich media. Each ad can be linked to the advertiser’s website. The digital replica flip book is not limited by platform, but is fully functional on all digital platforms, online and mobile, including tablets and smartphones.

magazine titles :

Inspire Health (Women’s Health & Lifestyle)

Forever (Bridal)

Hometown Moments & Memories (Seasonal)

• Active Living

• Home and Garden