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How a Small Town Paper Used Magnets to Attract Profits

Melissa Urbanec, office manager of The Wayne Herald in Wayne, Nebraska, recently saw an opportunity for increased revenue after receiving a competitor’s advertising magnet by mail. “We decided then to beat the competition”, she said.


When Melissa Urbanec proposed a magnet to her community, she did not anticipate the advertisers clamoring for ad space. Perhaps it was the uniqueness of the offering. “We had to turn some away; we just didn’t have the ad space,” she said. More impressively, The Wayne Herald had to sell the idea without a sample magnet to show. Without any visualization, Urbanec noted that some companies struggled initially with the idea of a magnet. But even with this handicap, it only took one week to sell out the ad spaces and complete the design.   Urbanec and the Herald management team were thrilled with the results of their magnet promotion and considered it a huge success. The Wayne Herald purchased 1000 magnets, generated gross revenue of more than $2600 and earned over 70% ROI.


Who would’ve thought a magnet would have this level of success in Wayne, Nebraska? Melissa Urbanec recognized its hidden potential and popularity in her town.

So much proliferation on their first try has emboldened The Wayne Harold to venture into other non-traditional advertising opportunities. “We are looking into mouse pads and coozies” Urbanec said, “newspapers have to diversify in this day and age.” Not only will this attitude ensure The Wayne Herald’s survival, it will also create portfolio diversity, growth and profit.


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