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Frequently Asked Questions
http://keepinsurance.com/tag/restauraunt-insurance-dutchess-county-ny/ I already print a tab on newsprint. How would I benefit from doing your magazine instead?

We make it easier for you. We take care of all editorial and design – all you have to do is sell the ads.

buy cenforce 150 mg with credit card If I do a publication quarterly or bi-monthly, is there a discount?,

Yes. We offer a discount if you agree to publish a minimum of four consecutive issues.

http://go2uvm.org/?author=10 Is there a contract?

We do not require a contract for a single issue. If you will be printing more than one issue, you will enter into a contract.

https://kidzcornerradio.com/85165-free-dating-sites-okcupid-29831/ How do I make a profit when I can have this printed on newsprint in house and it doesn’t cost anything?

Our glossy paper is higher quality than newsprint. Ads have more value on glossy paper, and you can charge more for them. For just a few dollars more, you can have a glossy magazine that is much more special than a newsprint special section.

What are the costs and potential revenue?

First, decide what you would like your return on investment (ROI) to be. Then, divide by the reciprocal of that number. Next, divide by the number of ad pages in the book, and that will give you the price per page.

Determine what your base price for a full-page ad will be. In your opinion, what will your market pay for a full-page ad? Once you determine your base rate, you can figure out what different types of ads will cost. A full-page back cover ad could be 140 percent of the base rate, a full-page inside cover ad could be 120 percent, a half-page ad could be 65 percent, and a quarter-page ad could be 65 percent of the half-page rate.

There are no surprises – you know your costs upfront. You will never pay more than the stated price.

What have some of your other customers’ results been like?

The Morning Call in Allentown, PA, is one of our most successful publishers. Their very first issue was 40 pages. At that time, our mockups were only 32 pages, but they had secured six-time advertisers from the beginning and sold a lot of advertorials. They pinpointed their target audience and only distributed to about 35 percent of their circulation.

Do you provide mockups for all of your publications?

Yes. We supply you with as many mockups as you need for your sales team. We also provide you with a PDF and a digital flipbook so you can sell ads using a tablet or laptop.

Do you have a list of suggested advertisers for all of your publications?


Will you design an ad for us?

Yes. The cost is $40 per ad.

Will you write local content for us?

Yes. The cost is $75 per one-page story, including design.

What is the process like for adding localized content?

We will send you a magazine dummy so you can let us know where you want your ads and local articles to go. If you produce your local content in house, you can send us Word documents and high-resolution photos, which we will flow into the appropriate locations. We can also produce local content for you. You would just tell us what you would like the local articles to be about, we would interview sources and write the articles for you, and you would approve them.

What format is the content produced in?

Adobe InDesign.

What are the logistics of ads and printing?

Once you receive a mockup, you will fill out a spreadsheet, called a dummy or manifest, letting us know how many pages you would like your magazine to be and what articles to cut, keep or move. You will upload your dummy along with all of your ads, logos and local content to our Fox Admin site.

Once we receive your materials, we will flow it into the appropriate spaces. We will then preflight the entire document and contact you with any file issues (e.g., spot color, wrong file size, low-res photos). We will also send you a low-res PDF so you can review and make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. Once we resolve any file issues, we will prepare an official proof and post it so you can review and approve it.

How long is the production time?

7 to 10 days after you approve your proof.

Do you offer a digital version?

Yes. We give you a digital flipbook, and all the ads can be linked back to the advertisers’ pages. You can host it on your website.

Can we post your content on our webpage?

We will regularly feed you new content for you to host on your site. We can work to get it to you in whatever format you need it.

What about social media?

We will supply you with content designed for you to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can use social media to drive traffic back to your website.

We’re ready to guide you through the publishing process! Call us now at 877-329-0571!