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A Business Card Directory is a great way to West Jerusalem generate revenue and provide a convenient and http://rillatech.co.uk/shop/ useful service to local consumers and businesses.  Local businesses are cataloged in each Directory according to products offered.  Consumers use the directory to search for local suppliers of goods and services.

This makes a Business Card Directory more just another advertising vehicle.  It is a free-distribution community resource that connects businesses with consumers.  The Directory is simple for publishers to sell, produce and distribute.  It is a useful and quick resource for linking consumers with local products and services.

Working with Fox Print, your local Business Card Directory will be a full-color magazine containing business cards from local businesses. Each page of the Directory has room for five, full-color business card reproductions. The Directory is organized into categories grouped by the products and services offered by the advertisers.  It is the size of a rack card (4 1/2″ x 10 1/2 “)  so that it fits easily in a pocket or purse and can be conveniently displayed for free distribution. Page counts can range from 8 to 64 or more depending on the number of advertisers listed.

We will assist you in the production of your Directory. Our experienced designers will give expert guidance in design and layout. We provide you with templates that make assembly of the finished Directory an easy task for even an inexperienced designer.  Generally, business cards from advertisers can be simply scanned into the template.  Occasionally a business card will need a re-design but this is a rare occurrence.  When complete, you will upload the design files to us via our proprietary portal, Fox Flow.  After you approve your final proof,  we will print and deliver your Directories.  Your profitable success is ensured.   

With every directory you publish through Fox, we provide an http://crossfitraze.com/get-started/what-is-crossfit/ online edition in an electronic flip-book at no additional cost.  You simply insert a link on your website to the online flip-book.  Your readers can browse the electronic flip-book directly on your site. Best of all, using our impermissibly digital edition services, you can sell each advertiser links from their Directory ad to the advertiser’s website, with coupons, videos, and maps.  Selling links separately from the Directory ads is another revenue opportunity for the publisher.
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