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5 Things We Learned While Designing a Publication for Seniors

When crafting Active Living magazine, a publication designed for a 55-and-over audience, we were acutely aware that the way we presented content was just as important as the content itself. Some of these items are best practices no matter the audience, but when engaging older adults with print, we found the following items to be absolutely crucial:

1. There’s a New Serif In Town
Active Living Magazine, the premiere magazine for mature adults with a focus on family, health, wellness, and longevity.To increase readability in the body text, we selected a serif font and increased the size to 12 points (up from the average 10 point font in our other publications).

2. Please Remove Caps
Title case is easier to read than all caps due to shape contrast. When reading, we primarily process the shapes of words, but all caps forces the reader to slow down and recognize every letter individually.

3. We Needed Space
We carefully increased the leading in our body text to make our typeface as readable as possible.

4. You’re Only as Old as You Feel
People don’t view themselves as being as old as they are. We found that our target audience better relates to images of people that are slightly chronologically younger.

5. Everything In Its Place
We enhanced the contrast in our text by minimizing its placement over screened photos and other graphic elements.

Active Living is dedicated to entertaining and informing the most loyal reader base you have… a print-native generation that has more purchasing power than any other. With Active Living, you have the perfect platform to market local businesses and the ability to offer local content that will appeal to this growing demographic.

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